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Executive Committee

Craig L. Kauffman
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CRAIG L. KAUFFMAN is a Life member of SCI. Craig joined SCI at a chapter fundraiser in 1994. He became active in the Susquehannock Chapter where he served as President from 1998 to 2003. In 1999, the chapter was recognized as chapter of the year. In 2003, Craig became Regional Representative for the nine chapters of Region 25. Under Craig's leadership, the region grew in membership, financial impact to mission, educational and humanitarian outreach, and hunter advocacy. Craig was named SCI's 2009 Regional Representative of the Year. Craig has also served at the national level. Specifically, he has served on the Finance/Investment, National Fundraising, Long Range Planning, Real Estate, Matching Grants, Marketing, Canada, Public Relations and Nominating committees. He served as Audit Chairman (2008), Chairman of SCI-PAC (2009 through 2011), Vice-Chair of GAC (2010), IADC (2012) and Convention (2012). Craig served as President Elect in 2012, and has served as Chairman for the Convention, Finance/Investment and Compensation Committees in 2012-13. He has served on the SCIF board for the past three years. Craig is an active participant in SCI's WHA, having hunted extensively around the world. Professionally, Craig has distinguished himself with a successful 25-year career in banking and finance. He currently resides in Lancaster, PA with his wife, Kisha, and their two children. His favorite pastime is hunting with his family, all of whom enjoy hunting and the outdoors.
Larry B. Higgins
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President Elect
LARRY B. HIGGINS joined SCI in 1979 and became a Life member in 2004. He served the Mid-Michigan Chapter as a member of the board for 13 years, serving three years as vice-president and as its president for three years. He has also served as region 19 Rep. for two years, Director at Large for two years and has served as an SCI Vice-President for three years.

His committee involvement includes:
Record Book: Chair, vice chair RB and WHA and Asian sub-chair
Convention: Chair, vice-chair, exhibitor floor team, exhibitor relations team
Ethics: Chair
Board of Inquiry
Canada Committee

In addition, he has served two years as a Director for SCIF. He has hunted on six continents and is a SCI Master Measurer, Life Member of GSCO, Life Member of NRA Life member of North American Hunting Club, member of Wild Sheep Foundation, Member of Dallas Safari Club and a member of the Conklin Foundation.
Paul D. Babaz
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Deputy President Elect
PAUL BABAZ is a Life Member and has served on the Executive Committee since 2006 and is currently Corporate Treasurer and a SCI Foundation Director. In 2005-2009, he was Greater Atlanta Chapter President and in 2006-2009 Region 27 Representative. He received the President's Award in 2006, 2010 and 2011 and the Iron Man Award. In addition to these positions, he is currently Government Affairs Committee Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Convention Committee. His committee memberships include Finance/Investment , Compensation, Attendee-Exhibitor Relations, Convention Site Selection, SCI-PAC, Public Relations, Veterans AdHoc Committee, National & International Fund Raising as well as other SCIF committee assignments. Growing up in Southwestern Louisiana, hunting and fishing have been a passion since childhood for Mr. Babaz. For the past 18 years, he has taken a more active role with organizations whose mission is to help protect our rights to hunt and preserve our wildlife habitat for future generations. He has served in various capacities on committees for NRA, National Wild Turkey Federation, RMEF, Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl.
Alan W. Maki
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Corporate Secretary
Al MAKI is an SCI Life member, Vice President, Marketing and Conservation Chairman, Vice-Chair of GAC and CITES Ad Hoc Committee, and member of the Public Relations Committee. He has served on the Ethics Committee and Boards of Alaska and Jackson Hole Chapters. Dr. Maki has received the World Hunting Ring. His goals are to enhance the worldwide image of SCI/SCIF and to expand our youth education and outreach programs.
John McLaurin
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Corporate Treasurer
JOHN MCLAURIN, a Life Member of both SCI and Sables, serves as Vice President as well as a member of the SCIF Board of Directors. He has served on Audit, Finance, Veterans, Ethics, By-Laws, Government Affairs, International Affairs and Development and Education Committees. He served four terms as Chesapeake Chapter President and as an SCI Director at Large. John Has hunted extensively in the US and overseas. He secured the establishment of the Veterans Committee in SCIF as well as reestablishing the Veterans Breakfast at Convention. He has extensive personnel, marketing, lobbying, financial management and leadership experience spanning 40+ years both in uniform and as a senior executive with the US Army. John is a dedicated sportsman, conservationist and advocate for hunters, protecting the right to hunt and sustainable use conservation. He is also an endowment member of the NRA and Chairs the Board of Mission 2 Heal, a small nonprofit sponsoring medical missions to third world countries.
Bruce W. Eavenson
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Vice President
BRUCE W. EAVENSON, the SCI Corporate Secretary (2010-2013), and SCI Vice President (2005-2010) and Director-at-Large (2000-2005), is a Life member of SCI, Sables and a Quarter Century Society member and was Member of the Year in 2010. Currently, he is Chairman of SCI's Convention Emeritus Committee. He served as Convention Committee Chairman (2007-2012). He is a past member of the Public Relations Committee and IADC. He has served on many committees including Publications, Membership, Marketing, Canada, Guides and Outfitters, Ethics, Exhibitor Advisory Group, Exhibitor Service Team, and Long Range Planning. He is past president of the Flint Regional Chapter, a position he held for two years; served on the Detroit Chapter Board for six years, four years as Vice President. He also is past Chair of the Michigan Involvement Committee. Eavenson has hunted over 80 animals on four continents. He has been married to wife, Catrona, for 39 years and they have two sons. All are members of SCI.
Edward K. Grasser
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Vice President
EDWARD (EDDIE) K. GRASSER's goal is to make SCI a more effective and stronger organization. He has extensive non-profit governance experience in fundraising, marketing and advocacy. While President of the Alaska Chapter, they were awarded the Top Gun, Diamond Conservation and Chapter of the Year Awards. He is a Life member of SCI, SCI-PAC and Sables, and was a director on the Sables Governing Board. He is recognized as a leader in the hunting conservation community in Alaska and has been accorded numerous accolades, including the Governor's Conservationist of the Year Award. He is dedicated to helping SCI preserve the right to hunt for present and future generations around the globe.
W. Laird Hamberlin
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Vice President
W. LAIRD HAMBERLIN, is a native of Mississippi and SCI Life member (member since 1987). He has served in various capacities, including Vice President, Alternate Vice President, two-term President of the Greater Atlanta Chapter, Regional Representative and Audit Committee Chair. Laird has hunted Africa 14 times, Asia extensively (he lived there for five years), South Pacific five times, South America three times, Europe three times and throughout North America. He has taken the Big 5, Dangerous 7, numerous SCI Inner Circles, Grand Slams and the 4th Pinnacle of Achievement in the World Hunting Awards program. Laird lives in Memphis, TN. He has been married 25 years to the former Katie Giardina and has three boys- Will (22), Hunter (19) and Walker (15) who have all hunted extensively worldwide.
Don C. Harter Vice President
Veronica M. Kosich, Esq Vice President
Sherry D. Maddox
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Vice President
As a hunter, Sherry believes the core of SCI is our membership. Her leadership career with SCI started at the chapter level. A Life member of SCI and SCIF Sables, she has served on SCI/SCIF committees as a member and chair, including Sables President. As SCI Vice President for the past two years, she understands the Executive Committee focus and strategic goals, and continues to make decisions always considering the impact on our membership and chapter network. Sherry was born and raised in Louisville, KY, and is married, with one son and two grandsons. Hobbies are hunting, fishing and mentoring youth hunters. "They are the future of our hunting heritage. I volunteer for SCI because I believe in the mission and vision."
Steve Skold
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Vice President
STEVE SKOLD was selected in 1975 to attend the AWL School in Wyoming by the Minnesota Chapter, which led to joining SCI in 1980. He started the Iowa Chapter and served as President, Secretary and was awarded Iowa Hunter of the Year in 1999. In 2000 Steve was elected Region 12 Representative and has served eight years on the Audit Committee (two as Chair), 12 years Education Sables Committee, 10 years Convention Exhibit Floor Team, and other committees. He has been AWLS Program Sub-Chair, Scholarship Sub-Chair, and Sables Treasurer. As Steve's two daughters are now in college, he finds himself with more time for volunteering and hunting with his wife, Sue. Current hunting interests are the North American 29, ibex of the world, and to go back to Africa.
Kirt Fredericks Alternate Vice President



Ron Bartels Director-at-Large
Chuck Bazzy Director-at-Large
Donald E. Black Director-at-Large
J. Virginia Byrum Director-at-Large
John Ceglarek Director-at-Large
Scott Chapman Director-at-Large
John C. Chitwood Director-at-Large
Edward G. Curtis Director-at-Large
Michael J. Drewnowski Director-at-Large
Gary A. Gearhart Director-at-Large
Steve M. Greenwell Director-at-Large
Larry J. Johns Director-at-Large
Robert S. Keagy Director-at-Large
Ronald N. Lanford, DVM Director-at-Large
Michael J. Leonard Director-at-Large
Tom Mattusch Director-at-Large
Lee D. Murray Director-at-Large
Bill S. Swan, Jr Director-at-Large
Gary H. Tennison Director-at-Large
Kevin George Unger Director-at-Large


Honorary Directors-at-Large

Ricardo Chiantore Honorary International Director
Frank Heger Honorary International Director
Bela Hidvegi Honorary International Director
Jose Madrazo Ambrosio Honorary International Director
Marco Antonio Moura De Castro Honorary International Director
Daniel H. Mulholland Honorary International Director


International Directors-at-Large

Don Adams International Director
Uberto D'Entreves International Director
Abigail Day International Director
Dr Zsolt Kohalmi International Director


Regional Representatives

Deborah J. Barrett Region 001
Dwight A. Ortmann Region 002
Orville G. Hudspeth Region 003
David W. Compton Region 004
Troy Davis Region 005
Vacant Position Region 006
Vacant Position Region 007
Jon Wemple Region 008
Herb Atkinson Region 010
J. Scott A. Talbot Region 011
Cal Campbell, Sr Region 012
Wayne Edward Clark Region 013
Mark D. Johnson Region 014E
Mike Hagen Region 014W
W.T. Skip Leake Region 015
Dale H. Bruder Region 016
Jeff Keim Region 017
E. J. Deubler, III Region 018
James Stony Bing Region 019
James R. Leonard Region 020
Mike Ohlmann Region 021
Randall Bush Region 022
Malcolm Scott Powell Region 023
Robert J. Keicher Region 024
Donald Detwiler Region 025E
Jeffrey L. Meyerl Region 025W
Dr Mark Donald Robinson Region 026
Gordon Cashin Region 027
Vacant Position Region 028
Richard L. Gotshall Region 029
Barbara E. Creelman Region 030
Mike Crawford Region 033
Natalie E. Nesbitt Region 034
John-Mark Jurak Region 035
Hubert Thummler Region 036
J. Thomas Saldias Region 037
Oluf Svendsen Region 038
Ray Hammond Region 039
Norbert Ullmann Region 041
Vacant Position Region 042
Vacant Position Region 043